Client-Specific Solutions

We pride our selves in developing Client-Specific Custom Business Solutions which are tailored to the specific business needs of our clients in a bid to give them the edge to stand out from the crowd of competition. 

Our Products


Hospital Management

Our Full featured Hospital Management solution with unique department modules like Outpatient, InPatient, Medical Labs, HMO Module, Dental, Pharmacy, Antenatal, Store, Accounts, etc. Click above to read more...


School Management

Designed to manage all levels of schools, EzSchool features amongst others, Inventory, Attendance, Timetable Management, library Management, Student Records, Staff Records, Accounts, Multi-School Module, and a lot more.


Retail Management

Point-Of-Sale Solution best suited for Retail outfits (Supermarkets, Boutiques, etc). It features a Closed-Loop Inventory System, Barcode Scanning & Generation, Accounts, Sales, Purchase Order, and so much more.


Property Manager

Manage your properties from the convenience of your home or office! The property manager features Tenant Profile, SMS/Email reminders for rent dues, Tenancy Agreement, Tenant profile, e-Receipts, complaints and things to fix, etc... Read more.


Hotel Management

Manage over 90% of the processes of your hotel with our unique customizable solution. Some of the key features are Front Desk, SMS & Email Correspondence, Reservations, Purchase Order, Vendor Management, Inventory, Fixed Asset Profiling, Full financial Management Module which includes Payroll, Expenses, Invoices, etc


Dental Clinic Management Solution

Ez-Dental is a Dental Clinic Management Solution which has features like Dental Casenote with Dental Chart, Patient Records, Employee Records, Contact-Specific SMS & Email correspondence (leveraged for Appointment reminders, Birthdays, Announcements, etc), Purchase Order, Closed-Loop Inventory system, and so much more...


Medical Laboratory Solution

Ez-LAB is a Medical Laboratory Management Solution which is best suited for managing and reporting data in Medical Laboratories. It has features like Invoicing, Dynamic Reporting, Patient Records, Modifiable Test Ranges, SMS & Email correspondence, Purchase Order, Closed-Loop Inventory system, and so much more...


Business Manager

Ez-Biz is a Business Management / Human Resource solution that is built to Profile projects and track it (Client-wise), Profile Employees, Employee Appraisals, Manage Business Finances (Payroll, Expenses, Budgets, Projects, etc) Client Records, SMS & Email Correspondence, Letter Templates (Employee Contracts, Business Contracts, etc)


Pharmacy Manager

Ez-PHARM is a Pharmacy Management Solution which was designed to ease the management of pharmacies. It has features like Invoicing, Drug Expiry Management, Patient Records, Drug Batching, SMS & Email correspondence, Purchase Order, Closed-Loop Inventory system, and so much more..

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