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that offers features like Room Management, Booking Calendar, Inventory System, POS module, Purchase Order with Email system, Vendor profiling, Accounting modules, Folio Management, and so much more...


Ez-Hotel is a full-featured Hotel Management Solution that is designed to fully integrate most of the processes and departments in every hotel. The solution allows each unit/department to operate as they usually do but much more efficiently and with proficiency. It is worthy of note that Ez-HOTEL is a fully Customizable solution which means that after having an extensive interaction with you and your organization, we take note of your specific needs and TAILOR TUNE the solution to meet your specific needs thereby ensuring that you have all the tools you need to soar.

key Features of Ez-Hotel

Fully Customizable

Ez-Hotel is a fully customizable solution and as such can be tailored to suite the specific needs of your store What this simply means is that after a Needs Assessment might have been performed for your store, you can decide to have a feature/Module modified or included in a bid to improved the solution for your business.

Guest Profile

Ez-Hotel has a module that manages the profiles of guest with as much information as is necessary. The module also profiles the invoices and folios generates per visit by the guest. The module also can also be modified to handle Loyalty Programs where redeemable points are accumulated against a guests' profile according to preset rules.


Ez-Hotel offers an automated, Closed-Loop Inventory System which restricts stock modification once the opening stocks have been posted. The system computes expected stock by taking into account Items Sold, Received Items, Damages Items and Return Items. It then gives you the provision to take Manual Stock and compare the numbers.

Room Management

Ez-Hotel profiles every room and showcases different logs like Reservation History, Check-in History, Maintenance Log, Complaints, etc. The module allows you to have a comprehensive overview of every activity that relates to each room including bills generated by guest.

Booking Calendar

The solution offers a fully functional Booking Calendar to manage Guest Bookings with the capability to SMS/Email the Guest a Reservation reminder on pre-scheduled dates before the Booking due date. The Calendar comes complete with Day, Week and Month view.

Maintenance Log

The maintenance log keeps track of complaints, damages and repairs that occurred in each room. This profiles each maintenance activity as a project, complete with the budget, the vendor (In-House or External) and the corresponding bill for the project are all profiled.

Accounting Module

The solution has optimum financial system embedded with all the standard reporting templates (Balance Sheet, Sales Reports, Profit & Loss Statement, etc). Key features includes Payroll with modifiable Payslip design, Expenses, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank transaction Profiling, Account Ledgers and Journals, etc.


The solution offers different security features like:
1. User Access Control which limits the logged-on users to areas of the solution as allowed by their specified roles.
2. Record Modification and Delete Control which disallows unauthorized personnel the capability to delete or modify a previously saved record 

SMS & Email

The solution also integrates Contact-Specific Email functionalities which can are leveraged for Emailing of Invoices, Purchase Orders as well as SMS functionalities for Product announcements, Birthdays, Holidays, Appointment reminders or any other purpose as may be needed. The SMS function is subject to Bulk SMS subscription.


Ez-Hotel is designed to run as a Standalone Solution or as a Multi-Station Solution (Server/Client) using Onsite or Remote Server. Running a Server/Client system allows each department (Accounts, Stores, HR, etc) to function. The Solution does not need internet to function except when a cloud server is used or locally when it needs to send Emails or SMS

Production Line

Maintain the standard of your products and limit wastage and theft by leveraging the power of the Production Line Management Module in Ez-Hotel. The module helps to keep tabs on the Raw Materials that goes into the production of every item on your Production Line (Food, Cocktails, etc) thus letting you know when you run low on any Raw Material.

Item Variance

Ez-Hotel accurately manages Items that share same codes (e.g. Shoes, Shirts, Suits, etc) but vary by Color, Sizes, Length. Making sales and Receiving New Stocks by these variances makes it easy to determine Items variance that are best bought and those variances that are least in demand. This information aides in decision making.

Purchase Order

Manage Purchase Orders and Received Orders directly from the same interface with the capability to post payments made as well as the ability to Email generated Purchase Orders with payment summary in a PDF format to the Vendor with the click of a button.

Vendor Profile

The solution profiles all the vendors used by the Organization with details such as Cooperate Addresses for all their locations, Contact Persons for the Vendor with their Phone numbers and Email for Contact Specific Correspondence, History of Purchases Order, etc.

POS Module

The POS Module offers three methods of adding items to cart. Quick Search Option which automatically filters products items as you type, the Barcode Scanning method which is the quickest and then there is the Categorized Products option, which all gives you the freedom to make sales.

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