Point of Sale Solution

It offers features like Closed-Loop Inventory System, Purchase Order with Email system, Vendor profiling, Accounting modules, Barcode Scanning & Generation, and so much more...


Ez-Point We are proud to say that with Ez-POINT in your organization you would be able to pay 100% attention to each of your clients and also manage more than you would ordinarily have been able to manage. Aside from these, it is worthy of note that Ez-POINT is a fully Customizable solution which means that after having an extensive interaction with you and your organization, we take note of your specific needs and TAILOR TUNE the solution to meet your specific needs thereby ensuring that you have all the tools you need to soar.

Features of Ez-Point

Fully Customizable

Ez-Point is a fully customizable solution and as such can be tailored to suite the specific needs of your store.

Barcode Compactible

Ez-Point can read Barcodes of Items as well as generate Barcodes for items which do not have. It can also read codes from electronic scales


Ez-Point offers an automated, Close-Looped Inventory System which restricts stock modification once the opening stocks have been posted. The system computes expected stock by taking into account Sales, Received, Damages, Return

Accounting Module

The solution has optimum financial system embedded with all the standard reporting templates (Balance Sheet, Sales Reports, Profit & Loss Statement, etc). Key features includes Payroll with modifiable Payslip design, Expenses, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank transaction Profiling, Account Ledgers and Journals, etc.


The solution offers different security features like:
1. User Access Control which limits the logged-on users to areas of the solution as allowed by their specified roles.
2. Record Modification and Delete Control which disallows unauthorized personnel the capability to delete or modify a previously saved record 

SMS & Email

Ez-Point integrates Contact-Specific Email functionalities which can are leveraged for Emailing of Invoices, Purchase Orders as well as SMS functionalities for Product announcements, Birthdays, Holidays, Appointment reminders. The SMS function is subject to Bulk SMS subscription.


Ez-Point is designed to run as a Standalone Solution or as a Multi-Station Solution (Server/Client) using Onsite or Remote Server. Running a Server/Client system allows each department (Accounts, Stores, HR, etc) to function. The Solution does not need internet to function except when a cloud server is used or locally when it needs to send Emails or SMS

Production Line

Maintain the standard of your products and limit wastage and theft by leveraging the power of the Production Line Management Module in Ez-Point. The module helps to keep a

Item Variance

Ez-Point accurately manages Items that share same codes (e.g. Shoes, Shirts, Suits, etc) but vary by Color, Sizes, Length. Making sales and Receiving New Stocks by these variances makes it easy to determine Items variance that are best bought and plan better for them.

Transform your business

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